Schwag Sale

Schwag sale is over. Thanks Everyone!

Howdy Everyone!
Help the Bureau of Misinformation fund the return of the Divine Testudine to Burning Man this year by treating yourself to some nifty shwag. 

What is the Divine Testudine, you ask? All of your questions shall be answered.

We bureaucrats are screen printing the shirts ourselves this year so each one will be made with extra love. And hopefully we can actually make a buck or two to try and put a dent in the approximately $2500 that is coming straight out of my pocket to bring the turtle back for us. 
All gear will be ready and available for pickup at Burning Man at The Bureau of Misinfomation or will be shipped in September. 

Here's a test of the prints on an oily blanket and a piece of wood but yours will be on a spiffy new shirt.

The Designs:

"Bureaucrat"                        and                               "Divine Testudine"


We have lots of options for you. Don't get confused: 
Men's and women's tanks and V-neck tees in a variety of colors.

I've also added some unique circuit board pendants which I made last year as rewards for the Divine Testudine Kickstarter. I just found out these are being featured in a new book, "Jewelry of the Playa."

And while I'm at it, I'll throw the remaining post cards from the 2013 Kickstarter on the menu too: