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Internet Presence

There's bits of information about me spread all over the internet; Some of it private, some of it interesting, some irrelevant, obsolete and some misleading.

The private stuff like mailing and email addresses I took care of by contacting the sites' owners and having them removed. 

The interesting stuff, could use some SEO to show up higher in the search results for my name. (I'm not trying to disappear)

Then there is the irrelevant and obsolete stuff like accounts on Quora, Sosh, Angelist, Mixcloud, GrabCad, Pinterest,  and a friend's photo gallery in which he typed out every subject's name.

Image searches do not bring up very much on me. I'm ok with this.

I also found my address in the dorms from when I was a 17 year old college freshman. It seems creepy that this info has been collected indiscriminately for so long.