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Passenger Van to Camper Van Conversion

This majestic vehicle came fitted with all the unnecessary gizmos and gadgets one could ever imagine. According to this marketing photo from Chevy, it would be ready to transport even the most highfalutin, white-bred family in complete comfort. They look like they drove right off the set of Clorox bleach commercial to embark on their New England leaf peeping journey.

Included are a video cassette player, two fold-down TV's, leather seats, 12 speaker Bose sound system, wireless headphones, separate audio controls, video game console inputs, rear A/C and heat, 8-way adjustable powered seats, adjustable lumbar supports, temperature and compass display in the rear view mirror, tons of cup holders, removable & re-configurable seats and probably more I'm not aware of. 

However, I bought it second hand from a San Francisco indie-pop-glam-band who toured in it all over the US, spilling drinks the entire time on the carpet. It was a little grungy, but after a day of scrubbing it was back to it's original WASP-carrying brilliance. I found some hack which involve wood screws holding panels together, a fuse box dangling out of one of the panels and some interesting wiring to make the after market radio work...rendering 8 of the 12 Bose speakers and their associated amps, useless.

The seats:
The cabin, rear seats removed:

Almost everything else removed: